EKITI 2018: Good Governance Remains Only Way to Rescue and Restore Ekiti



As the Ekiti State governorship election approaches, I want to appeal to all true and genuine lovers of the Land of Honour and Integrity to see the election as another golden opportunity to take Ekiti out of darkness and dungeon of deceit, economic and political wilderness that we have found ourselves over the past three and a half years.

The state’s economy has been so badly managed and poverty has secured permanent residence in the land due to the unpleasant governing style of the current government.

I, therefore, want to seek the massive support of all eligible voters to use their Permanent Voters Cards to rally round Dr. Kayode Fayemi, in his quest to rescue and restore Ekiti to her lost position of dignity and honour through his renewed efforts to revamp the economy and bring hope back to the people.

A man of integrity, Dr. Fayemi has what it takes and if only we can give him another chance, we will be proud indigenes of our dear state again.

As we go to the polls, I urge all eligible voters irrespective of political parties to vote massively for the candidate of All Progressives Congress (Dr. Kayode Fayemi).

Ekiti people have slept and slumbered enough and the time to open our eyes and say NEVER AGAIN to deceit and impoverishment is now.  Let us on July 14, 2018, use our PVCs to say never again to misplacement of priorities in governance, gross economic recklessness and wastages, looting of our commonwealth, non-payment of salaries and pensions, egoism & egotism and dictatorship.

A risk of another four years of a third term agenda by proxy may spell doom and put the final seal on our continuity in slavery. If we allow this, posterity will never judge us on the positive side of history.

Our future should be seen and taken as being more important than the boole atepagaari frying and corn or ponmo selling and eating by the roadside” government under a leadership that pretends to be “friend” of the masses but in reality a great enemy of the masses.

Ekiti residents and indigenes, a stitch in time saves nine.


Adebayo is a distinguished Chartered Accountant and Management Consultant, a prominent member of APC from Oye local government area, Ekiti State and dogged supporter of Dr. Kayode Fayemi



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